Breach and Incident Management

We respond 24/7 whenever a cyber incident happens. We prioritize next steps and take action to prevent further impact.

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On average, it takes one month for businesses to recover from a significant ransomware attack.

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If the worst case scenario actually happens to you.

Our team of cybersecurity specialists takes immediate action to triage and prevent further impact. Here is how we help:


Immediate Action

Our team of specialists responds immediately to the threat, mitigating risk to prevent further impact.


Prioritize Next Steps

Next our experts gather information on the incident, determine priority, triage activities, and take mitigating actions.


Remediate and Support

We establish remediation strategies and offer incident guidance from a qualified Breach Coach.

What our customers are saying

s01ve Cyber Solutions’ ability to educate businesses, proactively detect threats, analyze the threat environments, prevent cyber intrusions, and respond to cyber incidents is the most relevant form of protecting our communities from harm in the cyber realm and ensuring that businesses remain protected into the future.

Roger Chaffin
Former Calgary Police Service Chief of Police

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