A proactive approach to cyber risk

Insurance is the primary means of coverage against financial loss. Cybersecurity is the primary means of preventing cyber attacks. Together, we manage risk for companies from every angle. Prevention + Coverage = Protection.

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Our partnership process

We streamline the assessment and application process, allowing you to focus on finding the best solution for your client. Helping your clients has never been easier. We fundamentally believe cybersecurity and cyber insurance are innately interdependent. One would never assume that having home insurance would prevent someone from breaking in. Equally, one should not assume having cyber insurance would prevent their business from suffering a cyber attack. A strategic approach to risk mitigation must include cybersecurity and cyber insurance.


An Efficient and Unified Approach

Our scan tool and discovery process remove the pain points that come with cyber insurance applications. This allows you to remain focused on driving business and strengthening relationships with measurable value for your clients. Finding them the right coverage while mitigating their cybersecurity exposure has never been easier.


Proactive cybersecurity

We implement cybersecurity measures that improve your client's security and insurability. We then provide ongoing support and monitoring of those systems, so we can catch and mitigate threats in real-time.


Cyber Awareness Training

We prepare businesses through training, policy development, and planning, giving your client's cyber awareness, support, and knowledge of best practices to reduce liabilities.



There are many challenges after a cyber breach and businesses often don’t know where to start. We offer immediate support and help businesses get back up as quickly as possible. Our team can address legal and disclosure concerns and other aspects of surviving a breach.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, over the past three years, insurers paid out $2.30 in claims for every dollar they earned in premiums.

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