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Cyber risk has become more sophisticated. As a result, the cyber insurance application process continues to evolve in an effort to understand the risk profile of a business and provide adequate coverage. We help businesses navigate insurance applications effectively and support them with security controls to satisfy coverage policies. Taking advantage of our risk scan is a great place to start.

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Cyber insurance has seen significant growth in recent years for good reason, but acquiring cyber insurance coverage is generally not an easy and straightforward process. Businesses face a challenging application process which often involves a comprehensive risk assessment of business's technology, operations and data management practices. This can be a complex and time consuming process requiring specialized expertise. Despite these challenges, obtaining adequate cyber insurance coverage is essential for businesses facing today's cyber threat landscape. Our team of professionals help businesses meet these challenges and obtain adequate coverage to protect their assets and their reputation.


An Efficient and Unified Approach

Our scan tool and discovery process remove the pain points that come with cyber insurance applications. This allows you to remain focused on driving business and strengthening relationships with measurable value for your clients. Finding them the right coverage while mitigating their cybersecurity exposure has never been easier.


Proactive cybersecurity

We implement cybersecurity measures that improve your client's security and insurability. We then provide ongoing support and monitoring of those systems, so we can catch and mitigate threats in real-time.


Cyber Awareness Training

We prepare businesses through training, policy development, and planning, giving your client's cyber awareness, support, and knowledge of best practices to reduce liabilities.


Incident Management

There are many challenges after a cyber breach and businesses often don't know where to start. We offer immediate support and help businesses get back up as quickly as possible. Our team can address legal and disclosure concerns and other aspects of surviving a breach.

Better security, better coverage

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, over the past three years, insurers paid out $2.30 in claims for every dollar they earned in premiums.

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