Incident Response Management

Overall, a cyber breach can be a stressful and costly experience for a business. How you respond is important. Our team of experts help you mitigate a cyber event, respond effectively and prevent future incidents

Half of all cyber attacks are directed at small and medium-sized businesses. 90% of those businesses have data that would be compromised in an attack.

When your business is faced with a cyber breach

When a business is the victim of a cyber attack, there are a several considerations that they must navigate in order to contain the damage and restore normal operations. Here are some of the key considerations s01ve helps businesses address.



Containing a breach and preventing further damage can require various approaches depending on a number of factors. This may involve disconnecting affected systems from the network, shutting down affected servers, or isolating compromised devices.



Once contained, an investigation should be conducted to determine the extent of the damage and how the attack occurred. This often involves forensic analysis to identify the cause of the breach.


Breach Consultation

When sensitive data was compromised during the attack, businesses may be required to notify affected individuals or authorities. This can be a complex process and often requires cyber experienced legal consultation.



After the breach has been contained and the investigation is complete, the business will need to take steps to remediate the damage and get back to an operational state. This may include restoring lost data, repairing compromised systems, and implementing new security measures to prevent future breaches.


Post-breach analysis

After the breach has been contained and normal operations have been restored, a post-breach analysis should be conducted to identify lessons learned and areas for improvement.

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