Managed Security Services (MSS)

Keep external threats out. We provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to protect your data and network from intrusions while reducing the complexity of the process. Our Managed Security Services handle day-to-day monitoring and management of your security environment and is bolstered by cyber awareness training to future-proof your business. All with a team of cybersecurity specialists that work for you at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house security team.

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Illustration of bird, chat bubble, clock and charts on a screen representing the complete cyber security solution of s01ve Ltd. protecting businesses around the clock.

60% of small and midsize businesses fold within 6 months of being victim of a cyber attack.

Two women are smiling at each other, knowing that the cybersecurity services by s01ve Ltd. are protecting their business.

A proactive and collaborative approach to your business's cybersecurity.

With a full range of cybersecurity services, we work with your team to understand your current systems, assess requirements, and create a solution that best meets your needs without interrupting business operations.


Identity and Access Management

Management of user access that increases your cybersecurity and alleviates the burden of changing employee behaviour. We make Single Sign On and Multifactor Authentication effortless.


24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Around the clock proactive monitoring and response tracks active risks and provides forensic investigation when required.


Modern Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection is a widely acknowledged cybersecurity must-have. However, remote and hybrid workforces have rendered many legacy endpoint solutions ineffective. Today's endpoint solutions are meant to operate beyond your corporate network so your staff is secure wherever they choose to work from.


s01ve Academy

We prepare businesses through training, policy development, and planning, giving your team cyber awareness, support, and knowledge of best practices.


Cybersecurity Incident Management

If a cyber indicent happens, we provide detailed timelines based on forensics and an in-depth investigative analysis.

A partnership you can depend on.

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