Get an in-depth look at your current vulnerabilities.

Our proprietary scanning tool provides valuable and actionable information, so you know exactly how to improve your security.

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Improve your security

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the front page of a sample cybersecurity assessment report

An extensive vulnerability review

Our scan tool goes in-depth to create your personalized report detailing the following:

  • Email security
  • Sensitive information exposed
  • Vulnerabilities
  • IP and domain information
  • Malware
  • DNS
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A clear understanding of how to improve your security

Our proprietary tool gives you a clear picture of your cybersecurity footprint. And don't worry, to ensure it's clear we've translated all the technical jargon.

a tablet screen showing a sample cybersecurity risk assessment report

A measurable risk profile

Our report provides an overview of the vulnerabilities found and graded according to the nature of their severity. We are happy to help you navigate these findings, from critical issues all the way to mundane items.

In 2021, 90% of those hit by ransomware said the attack impacted their ability to operate.

Cyber Incident Response

We take immediate action 24/7 should an incident take place.

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