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From custom cybersecurity training to phishing campaigns that generate awareness, we provide education that empowers your team.

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An illustration shows 4 people on one screen and a cybersecurity policy on another. There is also an illustration of some fish representing phishing attacks. The whole illustration represents how s01ve's training can educate employees of a company and protect them from phishing attacks.

Research shows phishing is responsible for approximately 90% of data breaches.

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Empower your team to protect your business’s most valuable information.

We take a dual approach to training with both testing and education. With phishing campaigns, we train your staff to effectively recognize dangerous emails. We also provide customized, industry-specific, cybersecurity training.



Our elite security team crafts realistic phishing campaigns to simulate the activities of malicious actors. These campaigns serve as awareness and educational tools, leaving you feeling protected and in control. You’ll also get an in-depth results report.


Custom Cybersecurity Training

Delivered by industry experts, in group settings or lunch and learn formats, we provide your staff with training in current and relevant topics, to keep you ahead of cyber-crime. Topics include emerging technologies, fintech training, and cybersecurity.

What our customers are saying

The phishing campaign is going very well and I am very happy with the progress and how you guys are engaging us along the way. From past experience others just stopped trying when our filters would catch the emails.

Capital Automotive Group

A partnership you can depend on.

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