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We empower employees to help protect your business from cyber threats with our cyber education and phishing campaign services. Minimize human error from compromising your security today.

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An illustration shows 4 people on one screen and a cybersecurity policy on another. There is also an illustration of some fish representing phishing attacks. The whole illustration represents how s01ve's training can educate employees of a company and protect them from phishing attacks.

Research shows phishing is responsible for approximately 90% of data breaches.

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We help businesses build a culture of elevated cyber awareness

Cybersecurity awareness education can be the first line of defense for businesses in preventing cyber attacks and protecting sensitive data. By educating employees on best practices and potential threats, businesses can empower their workforce to identify and mitigate cyber risks, ultimately safeguarding their organization from financial and reputation damage.



Our fully managed simulated phishing campaign service is tailored to keep your business alert to the latest trends evolving and complex phishing attacks. Our campaigns include detailed reports and analytics to help identify vulnerable areas and train employees on how to recognize and prevent real-world attacks, ensuring your business stays secure.


Cyber Awareness Education

Our cyber awareness education platform provides a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for employees, with easy-to-digest modules and assessments to reinforce key concepts. By building a culture of cyber awareness, businesses can reduce the risk of costly cyber attacks and data breaches, ultimately protecting their reputation and bottom line.

What our customers are saying

The phishing campaign is going very well and I am very happy with the progress and how you guys are engaging us along the way. From past experience others just stopped trying when our filters would catch the emails.

Capital Automotive Group

A partnership you can depend on.

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