Managed IT Services

Whether it’s complete, ongoing IT services or simply providing support where you need it most, our offerings can be customized to your specific needs.

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A combination of a screen showing some charts, a mobile screen with an exclamation mark, a chat bubble and a paper plane representing a safe and protected cyber environment
A woman with a worry-free smiling face looking in the distance, knowing that her online business is safe and running at optimum capacity with s01ve's managed IT service.

Information technology and cybersecurity working together.

Information technology focuses on systems, while cybersecurity focuses on protecting the data within those systems. These components need to work together to protect your digital landscape. Here’s how we help:


Mix and Match Services

Our services are modular and highly customizable. We can provide a comprehensive service or simply plug into where you need us most.


Remote and On-site Support

When issues happen, our helpdesk can support you from afar or we can provide on-site support. We are always right where you need us.


Network Monitoring

We monitor your network and systems, taking cybersecurity and IT off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best!


Always Available

From a good old-fashioned phonecall to email or our streamlined ticketing system, we are here to support you.

A partnership you can depend on.

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